Standalone Server

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Standalone Server

Standalone Server mode is very similar to a VCL Application with some differences which makes it a better option for Web deployment. In this mode, your application main form is no longer visible on the desktop, instead an icon is placed in Windows taskbar.


uniGUI Standalone Server

uniGUI Standalone Server


Double-clicking on this icon will open the application control panel. Below you see an initial version of the control panel.




You can shutdown a running server by right-clicking the icon and selecting Shutdown, or you can open the server control panel and select Manage->Shutdown from the top menu.        .





One of the advanced features in uniGUI is that the Control Panel is accessible from the web.  You can access the control panel using this URL:






The default icon can be replaced by either changing the Delphi Application Icon or assigning a new Icon to ServerModule->Favicon.


Standalone Server is a good option for debugging your application or when you need a web server when server availability is not very important. To automatically start the server ,you must place a shortcut to the server executable in the Windows Startup folder. In this mode, the server will not start until a Windows user logs in. For serious deployment you must choose either ISAPI Module or Windows Service deployment options.