Using a Different Account For Application Pool

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Using a Different Account For Application Pool

In the previous sections we always used the default IUSR account for our application pool. There are cases when you may want to use a different account for your pool. In this case, you can change the associated system account. Sometimes default IIS IUSR account may not give enough access rights to required system resources needed by your uniGUI ISAPI application. Lack of access to those resources may cause your ISAPI dll to stop working. To avoid this you may need to switch to a different account.

As a general recommendation, if you experience that your ISAPI app is unable to work properly or it hangs after a while then may want to switch to Windows built-in LOCAL SYSTEM account to see if it resolve the issue.


To use a different account, please do as following:


Open IIS Manager and choose your Application Pool. In the Process Model section choose Identity:





In the Application Pool Identity form select your preferred account. For example, let's choose the NetworkService system account.






Or you can choose LocalSystem account.






The next step is to modify the web application's Authentication settings:




Make Application pool identity the active option: