uniGUI Trial Edition is a special build to allow developers fully test and experience uniGUI Web Application development. It allows developers to develop, test and deploy apps without any restrictions. Compared with regular edition Trial edition has some limitations which are listed below:

  • 64-Bit DCUs are not included.
  • Sessions are limited to a certain timeout around 5 minutes and will be forcefully terminated after timeout.
  • Random nag message when a session starts.
  • Form captions can not be changed
  • IDE designers and compiled applications expire when a certain date arrives.
  • Stress Test Tool and other utilities are not included.
  • Other limitations.
  • Beside above limitations trial version is fully functional and will help you to get a complete idea about all framework features.

uniGUI Trial Edition can be downloaded from below link. 

uniGUI Complete Professional
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25/04/2024 08:50:08

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