Support Portal is available to log incidents and create tickets for all incoming requests.

You can enter portal from here or simply you can send an email to to initiate a support request.

When you enter support for first time you will be asked to create an account. If you have a uniGUI license please make sure that you use to your license email address to register in support portal. Likewise if you want to send an email please use your license email address. You can also use our Support Forums to discuss various topics and report issues, but it is always good to also open a ticket in support portal, so we can better track the issue. For certain request types you can enter a link to a related forum topic.

If you send your first request by email, a ticket will be created and an account will be automatically created for your email. You will receive an email from portal and you will be provided a link to assign a password to your account. You may continue exchanging information using emails only for that ticket. You can also logon to support portal and continue tracking your ticket directly in the portal web interface.

It must be noted that while we try to address all tickets there can be cases where we may be unable to answer all incoming requests in a timely manner. While we try to address all issues there is no guarantee that we can fix a bug or implement a requested new feature in a certain period of time. Your requests will be linked to our internal issue tracker and we will start working on them internally. Once there is a resolution you will be notified. Some bugs may be fixed immediately, but some others may be fixed based on some internal schedule.